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Wednesday, Jul 23rd

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Hamas: "Killing Jews is Worship that Draws Us Closer to Allah"

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Hamas aired lots of hate-filled propaganda during Operation Pillar of Defense in November. Much of this propaganda came in the form of commercials and music videos on the terrorist group's Al-Aqsa TV station, the Palestinian Media Watch reports.  View the videos below and their descriptions to see the hate speech with which Hamas brainwashes its population.

The following video shows how Hamas brainwashes children to want to kill Jews and become martyrs.  The terrorist group recorded this video shortly after Israel assassinated Hamas's military chief.


The following is a music video created by Hamas to brainwash Gazans into becoming martyrs.  The video tells viewers to hate and fight the Jews, among other things.


Here is another music video Hamas made to broadcast in Gaza.  This video shows Gazans that Hamas is trying to kidnap soldiers.  The video also warns Israelis that "the cemeteries await you."


While Israelis welcomed peace after the cease-fire, Hamas had this to say to the citizens of Gaza:


The following is a clip of a message from Hamas to the Israeli public.  It tells Israelis to expect suicide attacks at bus stations and coffee houses.


Here is another message from Hamas to Israelis, relaying the message that Hamas militants love death more than Israeli soldiers love life.  This is an excellent example of how Hamas teaches its citizens to hate and kill; it brainwashes the people of Gaza to love death.

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