How Single Women Living Alone Can Protect Themselves

Something is empowering about knowing that you live in your very own apartment without being dependent on anyone. And while women these days are more independent, it’s still vital to think of your safety.

If you are one of the many women who live alone, you might want to think of your safety before anything else. This article will share some valuable tips for all independent women living alone.

Indeed, living alone has its perks. One of the benefits you can get is having the complete freedom to enjoy your life and personal space. Yet, it comes with disadvantages too, including safety and security.

Safety Tips for Independent Women

Choose a Safe Apartment

Before making a deal with an agent, do your research first. Is the state you’re planning to live in is safe for single women? Your top priority should be finding a place that offers security for people who live alone.

Go online and search for your target location’s crime rate. Make sure to take note of the most dangerous cities to live in and cross out those places immediately. As much as possible, stay away from areas that have extremely high crime rates. You can also walk around the neighborhood to see things for yourself.

Install a Security System

If it’s your first time living by yourself, installing a home security alarm is a must.

IP cameras these days are much more affordable, allowing you to have peace of mind at night. They will make you feel safer as burglars mostly avoid homes with surveillance cameras. What’s great about this item is that you can install it anywhere in your home. Plus, you can view the footage in real-time through your mobile devices. Because of this, you can check immediately if there are any suspicious activities in your home, wherever you may be.

Check Emergency Setups

Aside from burglars, it would be best if you also protect yourself from natural disasters. Before you move in, make sure to check emergency apparatus like fire exits. If you’re planning to live in a building, check if all emergency doors are unlocked and not blocked as well.

Create an escape plan that you will follow when a natural disaster or fire occurs.

neighbors greeting each other

Know Your Neighbors

Familiarize yourself with the people around you. Knowing your neighbors is a good trick that all single women must practice. Living alone is practically different from living with roommates or parents. You need to do everything on your own. So having a few good acquaintances around could come in handy when you need help.

Whether you’re trying to move on from a breakup or you’re a single mom, living alone can be a good opportunity to start a new life and leave your heartaches behind. Don’t be afraid of your neighbors. If possible, make friends with them. They can be the only people you can run to in times of need.

No one will look after your home if you’re away for a vacation or a trip. But if you make friends with your neighbors, they can keep an eye on your house, which is another layer of safety. Your neighbors can also alert you during emergencies. However, make sure to give information to trustworthy people only.

Always Lock Your Doors

No matter how safe you feel in your environment, keep your doors locked. Make a security checklist to follow before you go to bed at night to ensure your safety. List down all the doors and windows that need to be locked. Try to go around the house one last time before your doze off to be on the safe side.

Don’t Tell People that You Live Alone.

Unless you know your neighbors pretty well, it’s much safer not to inform everyone that you live alone. Criminals and burglars find single women vulnerable and weak, making them an easy target.

If people find out that you live alone, you will be at higher risk of being trespassed. However, there are simple things you can do to prevent burglars from attacking your home, such as:

  • Having lights turned on inside and outside the house.
  • Closing the curtains.
  • Inviting friends over from time to time.

Take Precautions

Be very cautious in inviting over to your house. Do not let strangers come in, especially if you don’t have company. If a stranger knocks on your door, ask for some identification and talk to them at the doorway where many people can see you.

Living alone can be an exciting journey for an independent woman. It offers freedom and allows you to enjoy life without limitations. However, keep in mind that above all these, your safety should be your utmost priority. Follow the tips mentioned above for safe and secured solo living.