Top Qualities an Effective and Trustworthy Court Reporter Must Possess

The best court reporters in Phoenix, Arizona share specific qualities that allow them to excel in their chosen profession. When you are in need of the services of a court stenographer, you must choose wisely because the accuracy and reliability of the transcript of the proceedings can influence the outcome of your case.

Here are the important qualities you should look for:


Part of the competency of a court stenographer is sound grammar. The skills of a stenographer in English spelling and grammar must be above average given the need to edit on the spot. Experience goes a long way, particularly in lengthy dispositions. Attention may wane and accuracy could suffer.

When the discussion becomes intense, extreme emotions may arise. Subjectivity could compromise the integrity of the court record. Make sure you are hiring a professional with enough experience in recording judicial proceedings as they unfold.

Ask a potential stenographer about his or her credentials. A licensed stenographer should be able to give you verifiable references as well. Do not hesitate to confirm whether the court reporter you wish to hire is a registered professional. The case will rely heavily on the transcription of a stenographer and you should be able to expect a near flawless reproduction of what transpired.

Discipline and punctuality

Stenographers who have established their reputation have done so by meeting their deadlines and completing transcripts as required. In addition, the ones who find themselves always with an assignment are those who show up early during a deposition. It is unacceptable to have the court waiting for the transcriber of the proceedings.

Organization and time management

Court reporting typically entail working after hours to edit and proofread transcripts. A court reporter who is unable to organize the day in order to devote time and concentration on necessary tasks is prone to committing errors. Time management skills and a sense of organization are necessary.

Speed and precision

Man typing

Typing skills must be at par with the demands of court proceedings. It is understood that a court reporter should pass minimum requirements. The machine to be used should be an extension of the stenographer’s fingers. Otherwise, errors and inconsistencies could mar the accuracy of the report.

Legal documents should be kept spic and span. That said, speed and accuracy are important skills that every competent court reporter must possess. Timely turnaround is important, but one must never sacrifice the validity and reliability of the report. It all comes down to how accurate a reporter documents the proceedings with the tools he or she is given.


A giggling court reporter is likely to be given a warning for contempt. Composure and maturity are important traits as well. A court reporter must never squirm at hearing about a horrible description of a crime scene. Overall, stenographers must have the capacity not to react to matters being discussed and keep a quiet and respectable demeanor at all times.

It should not be difficult for you to find a competent, punctual, organized, skillful, and professional stenographer. They take pride in their work and should prove to be reliable partners for the resolution of your case.