The Wonders of Using a Jib

Video camera operator

But if your budget is a bit tight, there are some items you might refrain from using to make sure you have enough money after your shoot. Producers with a tight budget often discard using cranes because they can be expensive and tedious to use in a film set.

But if you really want your movie to look like a Hollywood production, then perhaps you might want to think about using a Stanton Jimmy jib to give you that cinematic look you are craving for.

Jib shots add value

There’s nothing like a good montage to tell your viewers a large amount of information about your film in a creative way, and using a Jimmy jib crane can definitely spice your scenes up.

Imagine that your main character is entering the frame by exiting an old building, which is where he lives, and you want your audience to know that your character is down on his luck and barely scraping by without using any dialogue.

How do you do that with only your camera? Use a jib and start the scene with your camera held way up so that the audience can see the façade of the decrepit building and the street with scattered garbage all around. As soon as your character comes out of the front entrance, bring your camera down and focus on his face and let the audience see his reaction as he takes stock of the environment he is in.

It is this type of shots that can help you tell your story more effectively because you are showing the audience what they need to see rather than telling them what the scene is all about. Also, your scene is much more beautiful all because you used a Jimmy jib crane to tell your story.

Jibs make filming easier


You can also these cranes for other production sets other than a film set. If you are into documentary filmmaking, using a crane can help you film important scenes from different angles not often used in documentaries.

Most documentaries are shot with handheld cameras because the director’s subject is being documented on the fly, so there is no time to set up a crane. But you can find suppliers with easy-to-install cranes, saving you lots of time and enabling you to document events more easily.

If you are covering an event like a keynote speech in Washington D.C., it is even better if you are using a crane because you can bring your camera way up above the crowd and capture your subject while including the audience in your shot.

Using a crane will definitely add value to your film production. So, if you are serious about setting yourself apart from other filmmakers, then start using a Jimmy jib crane.