Fighting For Equal Pay: Making It Happen In Your Company

Women have been fighting for equal rights in the workplace for decades. One of the major issues that women face is the pay gap between male and female workers. Equality is still an ongoing battle, and you might need to be the one to do it for your company. Here is a quick guide on how you can get your company to pay all of its female employees the salary they deserve:

Don’t Be Afraid

The first thing you have to remember is that the law is on your side. As long as you have a case, then the law should protect you. This protection is necessary since your employer might decide to retaliate. For example, some companies have been known sue employees who have only been trying to protect their rights.

But if you are complaining about what they think are unlawful activities, then you should get legal protection against various forms of retaliation. Exercising your right to fair treatment should not make you worry about your job security.

Determine If You Have a Case

Before you go on a crusade, it is good to know whether there is a good reason for it. Start with yourself. Try to figure out whether your male counterparts are getting the same compensation as you. This can be pretty simple. If there are male employees that share your position and have the same training as you, be upfront and ask them whether the difference between your salaries is sizable.

Small salary differences are usually because of experience differences and other factors. But substantial salary differences should not be there and can mean you have a case.

Start With a Salary Negotiation


It is always a good idea to start slow. Your lower salary may not be because of discrimination. Several factors can affect the amount that a company is willing to pay you. Others might have more experience, have some specialized training, or other reasons for their higher pay. If you think you deserve better compensation, you should start with some salary negotiations.

If you are a good employee and contribute a lot to the company’s operations, you might deserve a raise or two. But the problem begins when you and another employee have the same job and yet you have lower pay.

Talk With Lawyers

If negotiations don’t settle your pay differences or you want others to benefit, then you need to talk to an employment lawyer. Most employment lawyers offer their first consultation free, so you have nothing to lose.

Additionally, getting a lawyer’s help can make a difference in filing the suit. This can include knowing which court reporters to hire for your depositions and what strategies to take. This early in the lawsuit, they will also advise you on how to gather the evidence you need.

Keep Doing Your Job

The most important thing though, is to stay in your position and work as best as you can. Resigning in protest is not going to change anything. You have to fight and prove that you deserve equal pay through your performance.

While it is a difficult task, fighting for equal pay is the right thing to do. Listen to your lawyer and be ready to negotiate since most businesses will prefer to settle things out of court.