Arizona: Beyond the Grand Canyon

Arizona is more than a desert background you see in your favorite movies and cartoons. The state, known for its desert landscape, is also home to many opportunities for artists, outdoor lovers, and aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s also known as the Grand Canyon state because you can find this natural wonder in the midst of Arizona.

Many people often move to Arizona for the warm but cry desert climate, but there are other things that would compel anyone to buy a house and get a house mortgage funded in Arizona. Here are some state facts before you make that big move.

Arizona quick facts

Arizona obtained its statehood on February 14, 1972. It is aptly nicknamed “The Grand Canyon State.” It is also a corner state, sharing borders with New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and California. Arizona is America’s sixth-largest state in terms of land area, measuring a total of 113,990 square miles. The state population reaches over 7.2 million. Phoenix, the state’s capital, is home to more than 1.66 million people.

Stunning landscape

People in America and across the globe travel to see the Grand Canyon. The state also offers numerous other places to explore for hiking, trail running, mountain biking or camping. Make sure to always be careful and follow safety rules when exploring the terrain. Over 10 rattlesnake species make their home in Arizona, after all.

Arizona’s official state flower is the Saguaro Cactus Blossom. Get a glimpse of this flower at night from May to June. Each saguaro flower blooms only once and closes the next day.

grand canyons in Arizona


As a desert state, Arizona is known for its heat and humidity. This can lead to extreme weather conditions and incidents of heatstroke.  Always make sure to hydrate, particularly if you are moving from a state with a moderate climate.

There is always plenty of sun in Arizona. It does snow in the state, though — in its mountainous regions. Most locals also enjoy skiing and other snow sports during winter.

Art scene

With a scenic landscape as a home, it is no wonder that the state has inspired artists. Some cities in Arizona are home to festivals to different kinds of artists. Bibsee is a historic mining town that has become an artist’s haven. It hosts the Made in Bisbee Marketplace and an annual arts festival for young people. Musicians also flock to the Bisbee Blues Festival every autumn, attracting all kinds of musicians from across the country.

Sedona, meanwhile, is the place to be when it comes to art exhibits. It holds the Sedona Photofest and Sedona Plein Air Festival each year. There’s also the Sedona Jazz on the Rocks, Sedona International Film Festival and Red Rocks Music Festival.


The state produces dairy products, cotton, nursery stock, cattle, hay, and lettuce. You might find yourself with a job in the state’s transportation equipment, mining, food processing, publishing or electronics industry.

Arizona has embraced a culture where start-ups thrive. Those who wish to become an entrepreneur may find a space for growth here.

The Grand Canyon state offers a range of opportunities for anyone who want a new lease on life, whether you’re starting a family or changing careers. Moving to Arizona can be your golden ticket to life if you play it right.