Gutter Cleanup: Why Summer is the Best Time to Do It?

Home maintenance may not be the first thing in your mind when you think of summer. How can you think of cleaning the roof and gutter when you have better things to do like go to the beach? While it might sound so counter-intuitive, gutter cleaning makes sense in the summer. There are times when you need to do the less obvious to prepare for the main thing. So delay the beach party for a while and spend the weekend cleaning the roof this summer.

Summer is the Best Season for Gutters

Summer is the best time to do a renovation on your roof because it’s dry. It’s easier to work on the gutter when you don’t have to deal with pools of water, which are, by the way, can be a haven for fungus and bacteria. Mosquito problems in the summer can also point to a gutter problem that has been around since late spring.

Doing summer maintenance is a preventive measure to ensure that you won’t have to do too much heavy cleaning when it’s needed. Here are three reasons you need to do roof and gutter cleaning and even rain gutter installation in Salt Lake City or other areas during the hot season:

house exterior

  • Address spring damage

    The heavy rains during the spring can damage your roof, including your gutter. When this happens, you can have a flooded basement, or the water that gathers around the base of your house can ruin your landscaping. Around the time spring ends, you can count on the fact that your gutter is clogged with leaves, debris, and dirt. Summer is the best time to do roof and gutter inspection and cleaning to address any damage your house sustained in the previous season.

  • Prepare for summer storms

    While the summer is mostly dry, the occasional storm can catch you by surprise. Storms during extremely hot periods can be intensely damaging to the roof and gutter, and keeping an eye on them is important. Thunderstorms and high winds can throw broken branches from the trees around your yard to your rooftop. Typically, small branches and leaves can get stuck in the gutter. Keeping your gutter clean will ensure that you won’t have to deal with severe clogs if there is an unexpected storm in the summer.

  • Prepare for fall

    Regular cleaning during the summer ensures that you won’t have to clean hard in the fall. When the leaves start falling hard, you can be assured that you won’t have to deal with old leaves that have built up in your gutter. But when fall finally arrives, make sure to follow the regular cleaning schedule during the early, middle, and late part of the season to prevent a major buildup of leaves and other debris.

Many homeowners might think it’s counter-intuitive to do home maintenance during the summer season, but there is wisdom behind doing this. Some homeowners even prefer to do home renovation during this season, even if they don’t need the upgrade yet.