Hong Kong Protests Amidst Pandemic

We cannot deny that 2020 has undoubtedly been a tough year for everyone, and it seems like danger and disaster are lurking around the corner as we speak. From the pandemic ravaging worldwide to wildfires consuming cities in flames and so many more, it’s almost as if this year was destined to be the worst. And as we finally approach the last quarter, we all can’t wait to begin the mediation process breaking off from a terrible year.

However, one glaring issue that has fallen on deaf ears is the ongoing Hong Kong Protests, their fight for freedom that has remained resolute even in the face of the pandemic.

What’s Happening Right Now?

Although mass media is currently consumed by other matters, the people of Hong Kong are still protesting for the government to meet their remaining four demands. However, recent developments suggest otherwise and instill fear as the future remains bleak and far from optimistic.

Anti-Government March Ban

An Anti-Government March organized by the Civil Human Rights Front dated for National Day was recently banned two days ago by Hong Kong police citing coronavirus restrictions and the threat of “violent acts.” In their objection, police officers highlighted concerns for public safety and the potential “breakout” of disorder targeting high-risk buildings like Police Headquarters.

Organizer Civil Human Rights Front commented that such a decision was ridiculous. However, this leaves protesters with no other choice but to adopt other alternatives to let their voices be heard despite the situation.

Hong Kong Security Law

Hongkong streets

The Hong Kong Security Law that was imposed over two months ago has caused a fundamental change within the landscape of Hong Kong as it continues to wreak havoc on protesters. The law has also caught the attention of UN experts, calling on China to review the legislation as it can potentially break human rights obligations.

What’s particularly troubling is the evident impact of the law on the freedom of opinion, expression, and right to peaceful assembly for the Hong Kong people. With vague descriptions, it gives authorities the power to criminalize otherwise perfectly legal acts and violates their liberty.

What Can You Do To Help?

As you can tell, there isn’t much room for optimism for the future of Hong Kong as China continues to push their agenda. However, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do, and if we stand together and offer that help we can, change is bound to happen:

  • Sign Petitions: Petitions are still everywhere, and it only takes less than a minute of your time to sign and show your support for the people of Hong Kong. From the investigation of Hong Kong Police to the petition of amnesty for protesters, countless movements are in dire need of our help.
  • Offer Donations: While under the new Hong Kong Security Law, Hong Kong residents can face up to life imprisonment for donations such as medical supplies and protective gear, there are still other options. You can opt to donate to their free press and support the circulation of trustworthy journalism.

We Stand United

The people of Hong Kong are tiptoeing on a knife’s edge as we speak, with their future and freedom on the line. And now more than ever, it is only right that we stand united with them as our brothers and sister, saving them from injustices in whatever way we can.