Businesses That Will Continue to Thrive Beyond 2020

The greatest and most terrifying pandemic to have gripped the 21st century has brought many businesses down to their knees. Unexpected big-name businesses that were thought to be indestructible began closing their doors. A countless number of small businesses were forced to rethink their business operations because of the lack of foot traffic.

In New York City, one of the hardest-hit cities by the COVID 19, countless food stalls were forced to close down due to the high number of infections and deaths in the city. There are roughly 10,000 food stalls in New York City alone. They were the heart of culture and food exchange in New York. However, even they were not spared. Because of the abrupt change of circumstances, the ceasing of operations became the only option for these businesses.

There are only a few businesses that are predicted to still thrive ahead of all the others. While most things will slowly normalize back again, these optimistic ventures will be flying high and only increasing their gains. Adapt or die is the chosen mantra by these businesses. While most of these ventures became flexible and accommodating in the face of the crisis, there also seems to be a fair bit of luck involved. What are the businesses predicted to thrive and soar beyond the 2020 pandemic?

Food Service

A noteworthy characteristic of businesses that will still succeed despite the pandemic is that their services or products will always be needed. Food is obviously one of the needs that will never go out of fashion. It is primarily because we need food to survive. However, since we are now living in a world where direct contact with other people is not advised and in-store dining is prohibited, anything food service related is predicted to become an upward trend.

Food service deliveries are obviously at the top of this list. Since most people are stuck at home during their state-imposed lockdowns, most cannot go out to have their favorite food delivered. Thanks to modern food delivery apps like UberEats and DoorDash, anyone can have access to delivery for a small fee. Despite the challenges the food industry experienced during the pandemic, food delivery services never died down. It only got stronger in 2020. It will be trending the same way even if a cure is discovered in 2021.

Medical Products and Services

Multiple firms are continuing to hire health workers looking for urgent care opportunities, despite most businesses closing down. It is because medical services are never not needed. Medical services are predicted to see an increase in revenues in the next coming years. Not only because of COVID 19, but because of the steadily increasing population.

As more and more of the millennial age group are starting to get old, some urgent and non-urgent medical services will always be needed. Services such as executive check-ups, body scanning, and doctor referrals will see steady growth. There are talks of further reducing the costs of such services through revamping the insurance law policies and implementing Medicare for All. As the American people remain optimistic, the demand will always be ever-present.

Obviously, medical products will see a boost in sales beyond the pandemic. Even if the vaccine is already starting to be rolled out, the need for personal protective equipment is never going to end. Millions will still need the basic protective gear like face masks due to the incessant fear going out has instilled.

Automobile Manufacturing

Traveling by public transportation will be hugely unpopular in the coming few years. The pandemic has taught us that having too many people inside an enclosed space will increase transmission by tenfold. Automobiles will have huge demands in the years to come. Cars and motorcycles will be the popular modes of transport to get to places. Automobiles provide you with the comfort, safety, and convenience that public transportation cannot simply offer back.

There is also a great decrease in car prices over the past few years relative to inflation because cheap electronic cars are on the rise. With every new announcement of a Tesla model, environmentalists celebrate. A popular electronic car brand headed by charismatic Elon Musk, Tesla Motors is one of the up and coming leaders in automobile manufacturing.

Information Technology

Lastly, it should be obvious that businesses involving web development, web security, and web design will surely be on the rise above and beyond 2020. It was declared not too long ago by the United Nations that an internet connection is a basic human right. Everybody in the future will start having themselves connected to the Internet. Web development businesses and other opportunities around it will also be triggered by this upward trend. They are simply needed in every facet of accessing the internet. Similar to how the food delivery industry is set up, these businesses deliver the content to you. The product will reach nowhere without the guidance of someone who set your website up for you.

Only a few businesses will stay afloat no matter the outcome of the pandemic. Above are some of the leads you have in getting on them as early as you possibly can.