Landscaping for Your Community: Doing It Right

When you’re part of the board of your local homeowners’ association, one of your responsibilities is to keep your community’s green spaces looking great. These include everything from people’s individual lawns to the local park. To do this, you will need to work with commercial landscaping service providers in West San Antonio and other nearby areas. But it is not as easy as calling a landscaper and letting them do the work. Here are some tips so that you can maximize your landscaping service:

Always Shop Around

Your HOA’s money is precious and you want to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. With limited budgets, the best idea is to do some shopping around for a bit. Many HOAs go for the quick solution and hire the first landscaper that they find. That is not the approach you want to take. Sit down with your board and review all of your association’s needs and look for a commercial landscaper that will be able to meet all of your needs for a reasonable.

One approach you could take is to request your potential landscapers to present a landscaping plan for you. This will include their schedule for the year and what exactly they will be doing for the money that you pay them. You should be able to compare what they offer so that you can make the smart choice.

Look for Experience

landscaper with equipment

Part of the shopping around that you will be doing is to look at the experience that your landscaper will bring to the table. This is not an easy task that you will be charging them with after all. Year-round care of the community’s yards and lawns will require proper handling and you can’t leave that to amateurs.

It is actually a good idea to ask around from neighboring HOAs on who does their landscaping. Also, focus on older landscaping companies. Landscapers survive on the market by getting loyal customers pleased with their results so you know that any landscaper with years behind them has a good chance of being skilled enough for the job.

Work with Other HOAs

Consulting with other HOAs should not be the end of your collaboration with them. If there is anything that can tempt landscapers is continuing business. You can band with other HOAs and present a united front so that you all get the landscaping services you deserve at a reasonable price. For example, a group of ten HOAs has enough buying power that they can probably wrangle a decent discount.

Don’t Settle for the Basics

It is simple enough to find a landscaper that will offer you all the basic services, but considering you will be paying them large amounts of money, you need to hire someone who goes beyond the basics. Choose a company that offers the most services and can deliver on all of their promises.

Homeowners’ associations often get a bad rap for being a bit controlling. But proper landscaping for the entire community is one of the big advantages of the organizations’ existence. The advice above should help your association get a good deal for your community’s landscaping while ensuring that everything turns out all right.