Success on Wheels: Owning a Video Game Truck

Portability is really moving around lately, with business owners finding better ways to reach their customers. From veterinary services and pet baths to burger establishments on wheels, there is no limit as to what product or service you can provide these days. One of the most popular business ideas today is a video game truck.

Running Your Own Video Game Truck Business

Even with the topic of video games, running a business still requires a good work ethic, entrepreneurial and organizational skills, time management, competitiveness, and being open to suggestions for improvement. If you love video games and children, and you have some management, entrepreneurial, and organizational skills, starting a video game business might be for you.


Since this is a business on wheels, your first investment would be your trailer and truck. The trailer must be large enough and sizable, seating at least 25 people. Other accessories in your trailer may include a commercial generator, at least 4-7 TVs, the gaming systems, LED light bars for trucks, soundbars, a satellite dish, and airconditioning systems. Mobile game theaters can cost from $50,000 to over $70,000 depending on your budget and design preferences.

Planning and Setup

Start by naming the business and learn the initial costs. Get to know your target market and calculate the length until you recover your initial investment. Establishing your legal entity and using a registered agent can protect your privacy. After forming the legal entity, begin registering for taxes and opening a bank account to monitor and record sources of income. Obtaining a business credit card can help separate your personal and business expenses, as well as see the business credit history.

Once your accounting is set, obtain the important permits and licenses and have the business insured. Once the legalities and finances have been settled, you can focus on defining your brand and establishing your web presence.

Promotion and Marketing

man playing video games

Increasing your visibility through social media and encouraging others to spread the word is a good first step for the gaming niche to acknowledge your service and brand presence. Using TV ads can help reach your target market. Another effective promotion technique is to partner with other local businesses and use their services and events (such as college events and children’s parties). Consistently delivering good service can also lead customers to share their experiences and reel in more gamers.

For the final tips, know your customers prior to an event or party you’ll be introducing your business to. Be considerate of environmental factors, such as the weather. Plan early and learn how many events or parties you can attend in a week and how many it will take for you to earn a profit and expand your services.

Have a variety of consoles and game genres that can suit different types of gamers. This can be expanded eventually once you gain more profits. Develop a system or a manual to help your business get back on track after a setback or emergency. It’s always better to have a contingency plan.