7 Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Even in the most loving relationships, things do frequently go wrong. Couples grow apart, the center cannot hold, and parting ways becomes inevitable. It is a common situation that comes with other implications. A common consequence is an emotional impact that is left on the children involved in the relationship. In such cases, the needs and welfare of the children come first.

Usually, the parents will desire custody of the children, or at the minimum, some timeshare or co-parenting type of arrangement. Couples will initially attempt to resolve this question on their own, but more often than not, emotions get in the way. They have to resort to external help, usually child services and custody lawyers. Here’s why you may need to hire a lawyer in Greenwood Indiana and other areas:

  1. Your former partner has hired one

If your ex hires a lawyer and you haven’t, it is likely to become a one-sided battle in his or her favor. Unless, of course, the facts of the matter are primarily in your support, as sometimes happens. This is because child custody lawyers are experts and you probably are not. You need to hire one, as well. If money is the issue, there are free legal services available.

  1. Complications creep into the case

Sometimes, the case starts a simple one, and then it morphs. For instance, you may have had an agreement on shared custody. Then, out of the blue, your former partner changes his or her mind.

  1. The case is complex from the beginning

Some child custody cases are involving from the first day. It could be a case of multiple accusations and allegations from both parties. It could be a case of trying to prove allegations. Maybe there are intense external pressures.

  1. Cross-jurisdiction

The two of you may be living in different states. At times, maybe even in different countries. If your case is affected by this circumstance, do not think twice. You need a custody lawyer. It is likely that laws that you are not familiar with will come into play.

  1. Your child may be in danger

If you have any reason to believe or even suspect that your children may come to some harm, it is wise to seek counsel immediately. In such a case, you need the services of a qualified legal practitioner quickly. Avoid the anguish that comes with procrastination. It could turn out to be life-long pain.

  1. Your ex blocks you from seeing the children

father hugging his daughterIf your former partner prevents you from seeing the children or cancels visitation without prior warning and reasonable cause, this is an indication that you need expert help.

  1. Circumstances have changed

If either of your conditions changes dramatically, such as a re-marriage or relocation to another state or country, it is advisable to seek qualified legal counsel. These are very significant changes that will deserve permissible re-evaluation by lawyers.

If you ever find yourself in these circumstances, there are child custody lawyers that you can turn to for legal consultation and representation. Child custody legal services typically cover family law and guardianship, adoption, estate planning, criminal, medical malpractice, and bankruptcy.