Types of Business Twitter Accounts

With users currently at over 400 million worldwide and over 80 million in the US, Twitter is a significant player in today’s digital space. You can thus not talk about a social media marketing strategy without a Twitter presence.

Moreover, Twitter and Google formed a partnership in 2015 that allows the latter to access the former’s information stream. You can thus take advantage of this partnership to use your Twitter account for boosting your SEO ranking other than lead people to your site.

A private label SEO agency in Utah is your best choice when using Twitter to boost your search engine position. This agency will sell software and services form a third party as its own. You can thus access software and tools that you ordinarily wouldn’t from other SEO companies.

The first thing is to create a Twitter account for your company. Here are the twitter business account options that will impact your bottom line.

The Fully Corporate Account

Here, you will tweet as your company rather than an individual. There will be no real personality or employee that will be tied to your account. The emphasis of a corporate account will be the promotion of blog posts, deals, and business news, and the enhancement of your customer service.

A corporate Twitter account will thus not focus on building a genuine customer-client relationship but instead on pushing a company’s agenda.

The Corporate-Led Persona Account

This will allow your company to tweet as a business but will also include some insight and personality behind the individual running the account. Clients will thus tie a name and face to the account and build a following around it.

The tweets on this account will still push your business’ agenda but feature some personality and flair that add life to them. It will, however, be clear to the public that anything the person running your corporate-led persona account tweets reflects your company’s stand on various issues.

The Hybrid Account

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Here, you can tweet about your business and personal life on one platform. While it works for a small business, you will usually need to have an exclusive company account at some point when your business grows.

Although the personal/business hybrid account allows you to foster genuine relationships with clients, you should be careful about how you react to various situations. Your stand on a controversial topic that has nothing to do with your business, for instance, might significantly affect your brand’s reputation.

The Character Account

Here, you will post tweets from the perspective, insight, and voice of an object, animal, or plant. It might sound silly at first, but quite a few brands are taking this approach with handsome ROI. This is because the character account allows you to stand out from conservative business accounts and aggressively engage with your clients.

Twitter has built brands almost overnight and become the changing point for their rank on search engines with significant traffic on their websites. It has, however, also caused a downfall of giant brands within a few seconds. Opening and running the above accounts should thus be professionally handled to guarantee your profits and a positive brand image.