Handle Bullying like a Pro: Understanding the Abuse

While you may believe that bullying stopped the moment you walked that stage and took your diploma, you are in for a surprise. The truth is, the real world has become a breeding ground for several faces of bullying. These are in the forms of abuse, intimidation, humiliation, harassment, and criticism in all aspects of life, especially in the workplace.

In line with this, we need to understand the vast difference between someone giving you constructive criticism and someone doing so to demoralize a person. According to reports, workplace harassment has increased since the start of the pandemic. Most of them experienced gender-based, race, and ethnicity abuse.

In addition, stealing credit for other’s hard work, intentionally isolating an individual from gatherings, and circulating vicious lies about a person are some of the many faces of these abuses. They shouldn’t be tolerated anymore. Indeed, it is a serious issue that we must speak up about regardless if we are victims or witnesses.

Know what you deserve and draw the line

One key component to equip ourselves with is knowing and understanding who we are. You must be aware of your individuality. This will aid in the development of your personality. If you feel lacking in that aspect, try to improve that by being more self-appreciative and don’t expect others to do that for you.

Begin with some healthy self-talks and writing down a list of the qualities you love most about yourself, as these words encourage us to see ourselves in a different light and be more conscious and receptive about who we are. Be thankful to yourself as much as you are grateful to others.

woman thinking

Start planting the seeds of self-compassion and learn to honor your needs, may that be emotionally, physically, or mentally. Most importantly, know that no position in this world should make you think less of yourself nor force you to tolerate other’s rude behaviors towards you.

Make a clear outline of your boundaries and be loud and proud about it. Don’t be afraid to speak out if the line has been crossed but maintain a calm demeanor and avoid raising your voice. Remember, nothing ever good happens from people yelling to get what they want. After which, strive to move forward in life. You may even profit from their hate by focusing your energy on building yourself and your career. You can start exercising to focus on your health. If your interests lie in creating something beautiful, you can start an embroidery business to sell your creations. Do activities that will make you feel happier and better about yourself.

Make a stand

One of the most common reactions when dealing with bullies at work is probably sitting back, remaining silent, and hoping that the problem would somehow disappear. However, this would only happen in movies. Remember that ignoring them, not giving them the attention and reaction they want from you, is just as crucial as standing up for yourself to let them know that their actions are not okay.

Sometimes, dealing with it in silence will only cost you your health, productivity, and your relationship with your colleague. Abusers usually believe that they can get away with things, especially if nobody stood up against them. They often take it as a sign that what they do is okay or that they hold specific power to control others. Therefore, if they can bully you that easily, imagine how many more victims can experience this.

It’s time to let their terrible deeds be exposed. Don’t be a victim anymore. By assisting oneself, you also save others from being a casualty of their suppressed insecurities and personal issues.

Maintain your composure and remain professional at all times

Allowing your emotions and impulses to take over when dealing with verbally abusive people or have the tendency to be physically violent is highly discouraged. It can be difficult to suppress your emotions during a confrontation, especially if you are an empathetic and emotional person.

However, you must remain calm and compose yourself to help you think clearly and logically. Avoid yelling and giving them the joy of seeing how they affected you.

Harassment, abuse, aggression, and other forms of bullying are a grave concern and should not be taken lightly or dismissed. However, if you know you are going through it, don’t be a hero. Instead, ask for help from your supervisor, HR, and people you know who care about you and assist you in facing the matter, especially if it is already harming your personal life and mental health.