Street Decorum: How You Can Handling Road Rage Bullies

If everyone had their way, the streets of America would be in chaos. Imagine what would happen if each driver behind the wheel would go as fast as they wanted. It’s a formula for disaster. 

Unfortunately, aggressive driving is on the rise these days. Perhaps people are filled with anger and negative emotions inside as the weeks on lockdown turned to months during the pandemic that road rage has become rampant. The Lincoln Police Dept. located in Nebraska details that violent road rage incidents have seen a 200% uptick. What’s worse, some of these recent incidents have resulted in deaths. 

A timely example is an incident in Irving, Texas, on June 15 this year. Irked, the driver of a white BMW pulled right in front of a Chrysler 200, blocking it, then exited his car and began shooting. He fired 13 rounds in the direction of the Chrysler, then got another firearm and fired again. Thankfully, no one was hurt as he fled. 

The problem is if you’re not careful, you could bear the brunt of such road rage. Though violence in the streets is not an everyday thing, they do happen. Statistics show 78% of drivers admit to having aggressive driving behavior. Most expressed their anger by honking. 

The good news is you need not fight fire with fire to get over road rage. While bringing your own gun may sound brave, learning to deal with aggressive driving in a non-violent manner is the better option. Here’s why. 

Just Stay Calm

When someone blows his fuse, there are only two things you can do. You can add fire to his anger or douse it with water and cool things off. It’s easy to be irritable while on the road. With traffic jams eating your patience, anyone can be infuriated. But is pulling out a gun going to move every car out of your way? Indeed, violence only leads to more violence. 

So never allow yourself to be provoked. It doesn’t matter if the road bully shouts at your or criticizes you. Your goal is to defuse the tension. So show that you’re sincerely apologetic. You can do so by raising your hand. It doesn’t even matter whose fault an incident is. If the angry driver stoops to aggressive behavior, that person is letting his emotions rule him. 

Protect Yourself by Staying in Your Car 

You can take a hint from animal behavior. When an alpha wolf rules, he bullies everyone, growls at everyone. If you growl back, you’re asking for a fight. Your instinct is to react to aggressive driving. But you shouldn’t; instead, you should respond with calculated moves to tone down the anger. 

The big question is, what if the other driver stops your car and goes out of theirs with a bat in hand? Your best move is to stay in your vehicle. Don’t go out, as that can be construed as going on a warpath. Also, never retaliate. Once the anger has passed, the other driver will see the foolishness of his action and drive away. 

You must lock your doors; your car is your biggest protection. So if he kicks the car or beats it up, let him. You can always collect insurance for that. What’s more important is you’re safe inside. 

As soon as things escalate, call for help. Your phone is your biggest ally. If you’re in a busy street, honk or flash those hazard lights. With all the attention of the other drivers focused on you, a madman is bound to tone down. 

Get the Car Details

You can use your camera. But you must have the vehicle’s car plate number and its make and model. Of course, this is where a dash cam can be of great help. All the details can be handy when you report things to the police. 

Take note that car details matter most, especially true in a car crash. With these pertinent details in hand, you can have your car accident attorney process things faster. That means you can get needed financial support from the insurance companies for your hospitalization even if the other driver flees the scene. 

Never Drive Home 

If someone is tailing you, never drive home as that can endanger your whole family. Your house becomes marked, and it’s easy for these bullies to come back and pester you another time. Instead, drive to the nearest police station.  Also, never go to dark areas, which makes you a bigger target for violence. 

Get Angry Later, Protect Yourself First

It’s easy to lose one’s head in a tight situation where you’re provoked, especially true if you’re not at fault. But you’re vulnerable that way. Many people have died when their anger is in full swing. 

So before you do anything stupid, think about your loved ones. Pulling out a gun means you’re inciting violent action. You can end up being shot, or you can end up shooting, in which case you go to jail. 

But if you stay calm and do not get irritated, the other driver can’t help but tone down. He’s bound to thank you for it in due time.