Resolving Family Law Problems With a Family Solicitor

Legal matters involving the family are sensitive issues that only experts in family law should handle. If you are going through challenging situations right now, family solicitors in London can assist you. This could involve relationship matters, finances, child custody and protection issues or other disputes.

Here are some of the major life changes where a good family solicitor can help you out.

Marriage and Cohabitation

While there are couples who decide to get married and take legal matters for everything that they both own, there are also couples who choose to live together without getting married. To protect both sides, a family solicitor can come up with a cohabitation agreement before the parties start living together. The document will only stipulate certain agreements before they move in, but everything will still rely on trust and property laws in case the relationship comes to an end.​

For couples getting married and wish to have a premarital agreement, a family solicitor can draw up an outline to secure your future in the event that you decide to end your marriage. Although it might not sound romantic for a relationship that is going really well, it should not be a difficult process when the right legal professional is there to support you.

Divorce and Separation

People in a relationship that is about to end should seek the services of a family solicitor to provide them with sensible and sensitive advice regarding their situation. These times can be depressing, and the last thing anyone needs is to worry about properties and settlements.

So, this is the best time to seek legal help and representation. Family solicitors can file papers on their client’s behalf, or if the other party has already filed for divorce, they can help their client prepare for what will happen next. Those who are coming from a civil partnership can better understand their situation and all that will be involved in the process with the help of a family solicitor. All financial and domestic implications must be discussed with the clients.

Custody of the Children

Another sensitive issue wherein family solicitors come in really helpful for both parties is child custody. Family solicitors will always look out for the best interest of the children and will work on resolving a dispute on custody and foster cooperation between the parents. With them working on the case, the impact of the divorce will be minimised for the sake of the kids.

There are also other instances aside from marriage and divorce where family solicitors can help the family. They are the best people to consult when there are issues on family violence or abuse, inheritance and successions, making claims or claim disputes, adoption processes and many more.

Family solicitors are the best person for the job because they understand all legal matters and issues about family. They are the experts in this field and having a trusted solicitor by your side through tough times means that you have the best possible help in resolving issues in a dignified and amicable manner.