Top 4 Ways to Save on a Funeral Package

Death is not something you should be worried about — but, of course, you still will, right? — as long as you have a plan. Making plans ahead of time for your ultimate passing would require you to purchase a funeral package.

If you are in a budget, you would not want to spend a lot. You need to find one that will suit your current financial capabilities, if there would be an opportunity for you to do so. Check out some of the ways you can save on purchasing a funeral package:

1. Compare Funeral Packages Prices Online

You will never know what is out there until you do your research accordingly. Do not be impulsive when it comes to purchasing a funeral package. Compare the different packages available online. Be sure to take note, though, that the cheapest ones you will come across may or may not be best suited for your personal preferences upon death.

For instance, if you wish to be cremated, you will not want a funeral package that does not include a cremation plan, regardless of how affordable it is. If you have not found the funeral package you want yet, continue browsing among the funeral packages in the UK or in a country where you are planning to live and stay for good. You will eventually find the funeral package of your choice. Just be patient.

2. Opt Not to Have Your Corpse Embalmed

If it is not required by law that corpses need to be embalmed, you can skip embalming. In the United Kingdom, in particular, there is no legal requirement to embalm corpses in the country. Embalming can be more expensive compared to corpse refrigeration. Choose a funeral package that will only include the refrigeration of your corpse, especially if you only plan to have a one-day funeral.

3. Do Not Opt for ‘The Gasketed Casket’

personstanding in front of a coffinCorpses decompose completely at a certain timeframe. There is no reason for you to avail of a funeral package that includes an expensive gasketed casket. These are more expensive than ordinary caskets. Even if your corpse is not protected from earlier decomposition, your body will eventually decompose at some point in time upon death.

4. Avoid Overpaying for a Funeral Package

Your family may have already purchased a funeral package that they think you would want without consulting you about it. To make sure your family does not overpay for a funeral package, ask them if they have already purchased a funeral package beforehand.

If they already have, and the package was not something you would want, request your family to have the purchase of the funeral package cancelled and the funds paid for it to be refunded. Thereafter, you may inform your family of the type of funeral package you desire.

Death is not something you should fear. Although it may sound negative, you need to purchase or plan to purchase a funeral package in advance. Nobody can foretell the future. It is always better to be prepared than to have regrets in the future. You will only secure your future if you plan for it ahead of time.