Why More Brands are Making Their Company LGBT-friendly

Brand owners are constantly on the lookout for ways that can help improve and grow their business. Some boosted their marketing efforts online, while others focus on improving business data security by investing in reliable tools that help ensure effortless office files backup, storage, and restoration. There are other strategies explored by different companies. But one thing that stands out is the call for making brands more LGBT-friendly.

Why Businesses Should Welcome LGBT Employees

One major issue that the LGBT community is still facing these days is workplace discrimination. Others feel they were not considered for a position due to their sexual orientation. In 2016 alone, 25.3% of LGBT people experienced workplace discrimination. If you decide to welcome LGBT people in your company, give them equal rights and benefits. Doing so does more than just advocating for their rights. You are also welcoming diversity within your organization, driving it to greater heights.

According to a study, the American economy can save $9 billion each year if companies would hire and implement policies that will protect their LGBTQ employees. Welcoming diversity allows you to hire from a great pool of talents. This helps you work with a group of talented people who are very much willing to help build your company from the ground and up.

Making Your Company More LGBT-friendly

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For one, it starts with targeting LGBT people and enticing them to become a part of your brand. Use gender-neutral job posts. Make sure all of your employees, especially your hiring managers, are friendly and accommodating to everyone. Also, consider harnessing the recruitment power of your current employees. Encourage them to let their friends know that you have job openings that anyone can apply to, especially their qualified LGBT contacts.

Help your organization overcome the stigma that LGBT people are different. You may find that not everyone may be on board with your decision. But encouragement and education is the key to opening their minds that no one should be judged and mistreated just because of their sexual orientation. Let everyone know that you now have a clear mission to support diversity and inclusion. Keep strict strategies in place supporting the rights and training of your new LGBT members.

Everyone should be given the right to showcase their talent and enjoy a promotion as long as they deserve it. So make sure your hiring and promotion process should not discriminate against anyone in the team. Surround your new LGBT hires with a supportive network. Craft support programs to make your LGBT employees feel valued.

Ensure your senior staffs are onboard with the new workforce arrangement. Let them know that your LGBT employees also deserve equal benefits. This includes parental leaves for LGBT parents, sick leave, paid vacation leaves, etc.

It is important to realize that the LGBT community has lots of things to offer. They are quite a talented bunch and can easily become an asset to your brand. All it takes is a little positivity and open-mindedness to harness the talents of LGBT people. You are not only helping change their lives by welcoming them to your team. You are also doing your business a favor by leveraging what they have to offer.