5 Ways to Leverage the Power of Perception

The way a potential customer perceives your brand is going to be their reality. Once you are in a particular position in their minds it’s going to be difficult to change it. However, it isn’t a lost cause since you can create new positioning that will allow you to convert a one-time customer into a consumer.

Experts from a marketing agency in Utah cite the following positioning strategies that enable you to change the perception of your target market.

Look Inward

The first thing to do when improving your brand positioning is to look inward. This introspective approach allows you to identify your company’s core strengths and weaknesses. Once you determine these, you will be able to address customers’ problems and provide them with unique solutions.

Identifying what you do best and what makes you different allows you to create a convincing positioning statement. This enables you to convey the message you want to your intended audience. It also allows you to streamline your approach to the benefits and differentiation of the products and services you offer.

Identify the Competition and Their Positioning

Once you know yourself, you’ll need to identify your customers and what they do best. This strategy allows you to identify holes in their strategy and how you can fill the gaps to connect with your audience. Study their products and services to determine what makes those special. Break down their techniques and find out if you can make them your own.

You won’t compete with everyone in your industry, there will only be a few that occupies a similar niche as your brand. Know who these direct competitors are to create a strategy that distinguishes them from you.

Find a Niche

You don’t need to be everything to everyone. In fact, this jack-of-all-trades approach may weaken your brand positioning because you have no clear distinguishing trait from your competitors. Instead of this strategy, focus on finding a niche and filling specific needs.

Learn more about your audience and determine if your brand can fill a practical need. Identify their demographics and behaviors so that you can create a pitch that connects with them and promises a solution.

Product or Service Centered

When you create a brand position, one of the approaches you can take is a product- or service-centered strategy. This focuses your messaging about the solution you can offer to a specific problem. Highlight the best aspects of what you do in the positioning statement and branding messages across different platforms. Be consistent so that your potential customers will remember you easily and would be the first company they think of.

Create a Brand Statement

Hand pressing BRAND button on blurred cityscape background

This statement encompasses the identity of your brand. It has certain elements that make it effective this includes your target audience, the definition of your market, relevance to potential customers, your promise and why people should believe your pitch. Take these into account and convey a message that connects with those who read it.

These positioning strategies allow you to differentiate from the competition. Standing out is important to your success, do so by stating what makes you unique, find a niche and fill a gap.