Four Free Online Tools for Boosting Your Online Presence

For some business owners, an online presence is something that does not bother them. After all, building a brand from scratch takes a lot more effort than leaving your mark online. Some even do not care much about it and would also focus on other things instead of on creating a digital footprint for their brand.

However, customers think differently from average business owners. Most customers want to build a connection with businesses. When people look you up online, they want to know the people who are running the business at the back end. |

Creating an online brand is a challenge. But with the help of an outsourced marketing team, you can make things easier. To help get you started, here are a few free tools that you can use.


If you want to build your brand, you first need to create a logo that will represent your business. There is a free version of the Logomaker service that you can use to create a business logo. This will give you access to a pool of stock icons and several hundreds of available fonts.

You can also choose from several colors that are entirely adjustable while you can resize and rearrange other objects as you please. Once you are done making the logo, feel free to save it and use it for your business.

Google Alerts

Another software application that you should start using is Google Alerts. It is a tool that lets you know everything that is happening with your online marketing strategy.

You can easily set up a Google Alerts account, so you can get alerts every time your business gets a shout out or mention. What makes this application great is that you can personalize the settings on how often you want to receive updates on brand mentions.


Monitoring your online presence will help improve your chances of getting leads for your business. And one effective way to do it is by using BrandYourself to help get your points.

Using this type of tool can help you track your search results and will notify you of any changes. Even more, you will also get a few tips regularly on how you can improve your performance and make your website more optimized and user-friendly.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Solutions

If you already have an existing website, then it is time to get Google Analytics now. Using it will help monitor the essential growth metrics, so you can make a comparison each month.

Additionally, this system will also give you the exact information about your site’s traffic and even help you find out the pages that get the most attention. You can even get the demographic profile of your site’s visitors.

Getting the right information will give you an insight into the things that you should prioritize. The main challenge that you need to undertake is to take all the information and use it to your advantage. Doing so will help you determine the right steps that you need to take to improve user experience.