How to Increase the Sales of Your Embroidery Business

People have hobbies and passions they want to monetize. For some, it is their wonderful cooking skills. For others, it is their love for writing or the arts. Interestingly, there are people who have a unique ability to create something useful and beautiful from simple yarns of thread.

Everybody’s skill and passion can help them earn a living and there will be no day in their life that they would feel like they are working. If you love embroidery and you want to start a business with your craft, you need to study how you can market it effectively so that sales will also increase at a steady rate.

Although marketing may seem like a daunting area, especially for those who have no background in the industry, there are simple steps you can start to grow your business:

Know Who Your Customers Are

Embroidery and things with embroidery can work for just anyone who needs it. It can be someone who needs a patch sewed or someone needing a crest to be embroidered on jackets. They can all be your customers, but it is best to know if you have a client base who will seek your products continuously.

Know whether they are coming from a specific industry, or the work they specialize in and the production they need. Once you’ve identified your customer base, everything will move smoothly from there.

Growing Your Network

Treasure your first few clients and ask them for recommendations. Doing this is valuable for your growing embroidery business. You can create business cards to give to your current customers and they can share this information with other potential customers who might be needing the services you offer.

Become an Expert

Maybe you are skilled at embroidery, but you might have other skills that you can develop hand-in-hand with your embroidery skills. What type of embroidery do you do best? Can you craft intricate designs or are you skilled at embroidering all types of fabric? Do you use any software application with your machine and would you want to learn new techniques?

The more you know, the better you will become choose your area of expertise better. Expand your craft as you expand your business. Watch video tutorials, learn through practice or take a class.

Use Online Apps to Showcase Your Work

Embroidery machines in factory

The Internet is a huge marketplace for any business. What you can do here is to find a specific app or site where you can showcase your work. You can create a website of your own and utilize social media with it. Open an Instagram account and a Facebook page so that you can show photos of your craft. These can be shared and viewed by a large following crowd of online users and potential client base. You can also market your items at certain craft sites like Etsy.

There are many other ways to grow a simple hobby into an income generating embroidery online shop or business. The most important thing is to take the time in creating genuine relationships with those loyal clients and help you with your business. They are the ones who appreciate your work best and understand the effort you are putting to grow your business.