Second-Hand iPhones: A Guide to Buying a Good Deal

The smartphone market worldwide is dominated by iPhones. Most people prefer the brand because of its elegance and durability. But, these phones are not cheap and rarely is there a sale for brand new iPhones. Those who are keen to have this brand have the option to get them through installments or find a good deal with second-hand units. A used iPhone is a good alternative, but there are few things that buyers must watch out for:

Get the Right iPhone for Your Network

Every iPhone model works with most phone company networks, but there are certain networks that use an LTE signal that may not work on some models. There are iPhones that are designed for use by a certain network or locked to such networks, so you may not be able to use it for another phone company. If buying a secondhand iPhone, check if the line is open and if it will work for your specific phone company network.

Make Sure That the iPhone is Not Stolen

A major concern in buying secondhand iPhone is that some of the units come from unreliable and criminal sources. Stolen phones are usually reported to the network company and they will not be activated by new uses with the Activation Lock Tool. You can visit specific websites to check whether the iPhone you’re planning to buy is stolen or not.

Make Sure the Battery is Not Damaged

iPhone batteries are built in, and users cannot simply replace them. Even if you take them to a phone shop or a repair franchise, it will be a costly replacement to have. Lightly used iPhones will have decent battery life. Anything more than a year should be checked and if possible, ask the seller to install a new battery before you buy. New battery installation for iPhones can range widely so find reliable information on its condition before pushing on with the purchase.

Check for Any Hardware Damage

Smartphones have normal wear and tear issues like scratches and dings, but major scratches on the screen, issues with the 3D Touch ID or touch sensors, camera lens scratches, and other hardware issues are huge problems for an iPhone. Inspect the unit carefully and ensure that there is no water damage, as well. Test the buttons, camera, screen, and hardware. If possible, buy only from reputable and established secondhand sellers only.

Assess Price and Features

Hand holding white iPhone

When buying a used iPhone model, keep in mind that you are buying not the latest model or generation. If you are okay on sacrificing the latest features, then it is a good way to save money. Secondhand iPhones might not have the latest features, but they are cheaper. If you are meticulous with your purchase, you will find the best deals.

Lastly, it is important to consider getting a warranty even if you are buying a secondhand iPhone. Reputable sellers stand firm on their products and will give you a warranty that it is working and has no issues that you should worry about. In case it gets in trouble, you can always use the warranty provided by the seller to save you from shelling out more money in the future.