The Perks of Working in the IT Industry

The world is increasingly turning digital. Anywhere you go, almost all industries — from medical to education — are intertwined with information technology (IT). Many are pursuing a career in IT, and here are some reasons why you should too.

No Experience Required

For people who want to switch careers, IT is highly forgiving and welcoming. If you already have a four-year bachelor’s degree, you can get a certificate in whichever field you may be interested in. For example, in cybersecurity, there is CompTIA Security+ that offers practice tests. A practice test is available online for those who have been practicing their cybersecurity skills in preparation for those who wish to be a professional.

Otherwise, an educational background is not necessary. Although a degree or certification will be an advantage, it would not be the sole basis of whether you will be hired or not. Of course, people who have a degree or certification will have a higher chance of employment, especially among beginners, because it assures the employer that you have the skills to do your work and you have the commitment to be in IT. However, at the end of the day, as long as you work hard and you do your job, you will find a company that will take a chance on you.


There are plenty of career paths in IT. Depending on your certification or specialty, you can go into cybersecurity or PC support. You can also become a help desk officer, software engineer, or web developer. Moreover, as technology is an industry all by itself, it often intertwines with other fields such as medicine, banking, entertainment, and many others. You have many options to choose from that will make use of your expertise.

Job Opportunities

The tech industry is still growing and will continue to play a big role in the future. That said, the demand for professionals with tech-related skills are in high demand around the world. Even if you are just starting out, you will surely find employment. If you have specialized skills, companies will want to hire you even more. You would never have to worry about stability in the future since there will always be a job for you in IT, as long as you work hard and regularly produce quality output.


IT is constantly evolving. If you like to be challenged, then this is the right industry for you. Professionals do not stop learning once they get employment; they try to develop new skills to get a pay raise and continue to be relevant in the rapidly-advancing tech industry.

Attractive Pay

Attractive Pay

IT professionals get paid handsomely. Even those working entry-level jobs are getting better than average salaries. If you have special skills that are highly in demand, you get more. For example, Robert Half Technology’s 2020 Salary Guide, the median national salary of a big data engineer is $163,250. For a mobile applications developer, the salary midpoint is $146,500.

Work with Some of the Coolest Companies in the World

If you have the necessary skills, you will get the opportunity to work in some of the largest and most popular companies in the world such as Apple and Google. Both companies regularly hire new people to join their teams and work in their projects.

Technology has evolved so much than we can imagine. It continues to help us until today so IT jobs are highly likely to have a high and stable demand.