What You Should Evaluate in Your Contract with a Cleaning Service Provider

Most companies and retail premises are more focused than ever on cutting back on their expenses. One of the primary areas they will look into is minimizing contractual hiring as much as possible and settling for in-house employees.

Although you can function optimally without most of the contractual hires, you should think twice before foregoing a cleaning company. While in-house cleaners sound inexpensive, outsourcing this service is far cheaper than you assume and guarantees you a squeaky clean.

When hiring commercial cleaning services for your building in Kansas City, you should pay close attention to the contract. Most property owners will assume that this is a basic contract, and as such, it does not matter as much as their other business contracts.

This notion only leaves them disappointed when they do not get what they assumed they would be. The following are the primary aspects you should evaluate in your cleaning contract.

Contract Basics

Your cleaning contract must first be between parties that are capable of executing the service and explain the exchange of something valuable. Your intentions and those of the cleaning company should be established legally, and the contract accepted by both parties.

You should aim to agree on the basics of your agreement even before it is drafted. It is thus recommended that you meet the cleaning company and discuss your expectations and what processes they will use for their job beforehand.

Standard Terms

When reviewing your contract, you should ensure all the addresses and names of the parties are clear along with the start and expiry of the contract. Some businesses opt for an indefinite cleaning contract, but this should also have a specified timeframe then be renewed unless one party chooses to discontinue it.

Your contract should also state who in the cleaning company is answerable in case of disputes and the areas of your property the cleaners have permission to access.

Services Provided

Professional cleaning service provider

This is the most important element in your cleaning contract. You should have each service the company will handle stated along with its frequency. The agreement will also detail any special considerations you will want for the cleaning of specific areas and the cleaning type the company will use.

With a thorough grasp of what services you should expect, there will be minimal friction on what should have been done vis-a-vis what was done.

Special and Payment Provisions

Your contract will not only specify the amount to be paid to the cleaning company but also the mode and frequency of the payment. You can, for instance, opt for an hourly, weekly, or monthly charge.

Other than this, there should be provisions for the payment of extra services the cleaning company. You should also have a provision on how disputes will be handled.

A cleaning contract is just as important as any of those you will sign for your business’ primary operations. You should thus pay attention to all the above elements to guarantee that the contract works in your favor and offers you the best possible service. With the right contract, outsourcing the cleaning of your commercial premises will be the best decision you make for your company.