Why Pizza May Benefit Your Health

Are you thinking of putting up a pizza business? The opportunity to open a pizza business may be a hit or miss. While pizza is almost everybody’s favorite, you would need to come up with really brilliant and unique ideas to make your business stand out—not to mention the numerous people who are starting to opt for healthy food. Now, how do you make a great promotion for your products amid the tight competition in the food industry?

Yes, pizza is oftentimes referred to as junk food or unhealthy. But did you know that eating pizza is not as bad as you think? Pizza contains nutritious ingredients, so you can actually focus on promoting its health benefits. Here are some reasons why pizza might be good for one’s health:

1. Pizza sauce enhances the immune system

The sauce on pizza is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin helps fight certain illnesses such as the common cold. In relation to that, a study by the University of Arizona revealed that adding oregano to your pizza sauce can further improve your immune system. Oregano has carvacrol, which protects the liver and promotes balanced blood sugar.

2. Pizza is a good source of fiber

Pizza with a whole-wheat crust contains as much fiber as a regular crust. Thus, it helps you meet your recommended daily intake of whole grain. Its fiber content helps reduce your cholesterol level and prevent constipation. Moreover, a thin whole grain crust can make you feel fuller so that you don’t eat that much. Consequently, it decreases the risk of stroke and diabetes.

3. It can help combat cancer

The tomato sauce on pizza contains lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant. It helps fight cancer and prevent heart problems. Meanwhile, experts point out that lycopene is best absorbed by the body when consumed hot.

4. It is good for the brain

people eating pizza

Pizza contains ingredients that can boost your brain. It has spinach that is rich in folate. Folate promotes blood circulation in the brain. A daily serving of spinach slows down cognitive decline among the elderly due to its vitamin K content.

5. It makes you feel good

According to Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science, there are certain types of food that affect serotonin levels, a hormone that influences a person’s mood. The higher the serotonin, the better the person feels. Pineapples, spinach, and milk—all ingredients of your favorite pizza—are among the serotonin boosters listed in the journal.

6. It contains essential nutrients

The cheese on pizza is a good source of calcium. Tomato sauce also contains calcium. Likewise, spinach, broccoli, and seafood also have this mineral. Calcium keeps your bones strong and helps your muscles, nerves, and blood vessels function well. Toppings such as pepperoni, chicken, seafood, and mushroom contain protein that aids in muscle building.

7. It can be loaded with vegetables

Your recommended daily vegetable intake is two to three cups. A pizza with lots of vegetables can help you out. For a nutritious meal, you can add onions, bell pepper, broccoli, garlic, and mushrooms to your favorite pizza. A combination of vegetables with different colors makes for optimum health benefits.

Pizza can indeed be a relatively healthy kind of food with the right ingredients. Should you really want to open a pizza business, opt for one that comes with lots of health benefits. There are numerous great opportunities for entrepreneurs like you. You just need brighter ideas, more extensive research, and the will to succeed.