Communities for Families Looking to Build Their Own Homes

One thing to consider when looking for a forever home is the community where the property is located. Considering the neighborhood of a prospective purchase is important because it could spell the difference between safety and convenience and all the hassles that may go with the purchase.

There are three types of communities or locations that homebuyers can choose from before making any purchase: suburban, rural, and urban.


A suburban community is a residential community located near a city or commuting distance of the amenities provided by the city. Sometimes, this community may also be a part of or located within the city or urban area.

Not everyone may wish to live in the suburbs. Definitely, living in the suburbs is not for everyone. People living in the suburbs must have their own cars so that it would be convenient for them to get to and from the city. Without a car, a person would have to take long commutes and brave the traffic each working day. It could also be expensive for them to commute, especially when the area they live in does not have dependable transportation going to their place of work or to any other place they wish to go.

But despite the many disadvantages of living in the suburbs, there are also several advantages. Suburban life is healthier. With trees and wildlife surrounding the area, the suburbs offer a more relaxing ambiance with cleaner air and less pollution. Peace is a constant feature that one can enjoy. Being away from the city, a person can revel in a more laidback lifestyle away from the stressors of work and any other things related to city living.

Suburban life is also safer. With a crime rate that is lower compared to that of the city, any family can enjoy living a secured life without fearing danger any day. Neighborhoods in the suburbs are also close-knit. There is often a stronger sense of community in the area.

Buying a property in the suburbs is also easier. There are better mortgages offered for houses in this type of community. Properties for sale are more affordable compared to those located in cities. They are also often spacious, with bigger front yards and backyards.


residential street in the city

Urban communities have a higher density population compared to suburban and rural communities. They may have all the basic requirements required for people to thrive, such as work opportunities, healthcare, commercial buildings, residential structures, railways, roads, and bridges. Transportation is often not a problem as all transportation and transportation facilities can be found in this type of community.

They also offer the use of technologies that are often not enjoyed in other community types. Additionally, these communities offer better access to emergency facilities and healthcare. Entertainment areas are also abundant. There are many restaurants, pubs, clubs, cinemas, theme parks or attractions, and more.

Urban living, though, also have its own disadvantages. Unlike other community types, the urban area is often crowded and filled with stressors and pressures. Communities are often not tight-knit, and it could be hard to get along well with neighbors. Houses and other properties in urban areas are also expensive. These houses are also often small and with limited space. Some even do not have spaces for parking and definitely not for spacious gardens. Because urban areas are crowded, they also offer little green spaces, which means it would be hard for people to enjoy nature.


Rural communities are for people who want to live far away from the stresses of city life. Homes in this type of community are often cheap and have huge spaces for family members to enjoy. Homes can be more luxurious and spacious, offering better opportunities for people to have their own landscaped gardens and any other type of outdoor space. Nature and wildlife are abundant in the surroundings, making it healthier to live and focus on what really matters in life. Rural areas also have a stronger sense of community. Though houses can be located farther away from each other, people are close-knit and usually know each other by heart.

These types of communities have their own pros and cons. These things have to be considered by people looking to buy their forever homes. People looking for work opportunities can choose to live in urban areas. Those who want to enjoy both worlds can live in the suburbs, while those who want to enjoy a safer life away from crimes, pollution, traffic, and litter can choose the rural areas as their location.