Confidence-building Activities to Help You Today

The pandemic caught everyone at different points in our lives. One thing it has surely done to every person, however, is that it has interrupted the progress each of us has been making in our personal lives and careers.

Among the many concerns COVID-19 has raised are managing the anxiety amidst the crisis and prioritizing mental health with other responsibilities. Despite vaccinations being a silver lining, you may still have questions about how to get back on your feet. How do you regain confidence in yourself over a year into the virus, especially with everything you have gone through?

Of course, there is no one answer for this, but this does not mean that there are no steps you can take to help boost your self-esteem and build confidence in yourself.

Activities to Boost Your Confidence

There are simple, productive activities that you can pursue to help gain a healthier mindset during this time and from now on. Here are some suggestions.

1. Take a driving course.

While pursuing a personal project can help cope with stress, scheduling time for it is not always the easiest. Instead of a new project, why not instead review a practical skill that you could not often use due to pandemic lockdowns?

You may have a pending course you need to take for a previous traffic citation or deduct points from your license. Today you can easily take a basic driver improvement course online that will be recorded by your local authorities for applications.

By doing these things ahead of time, you will have an easier time easing back into the road once you go back out on the road. Sure, accomplishing this four-hour course may not be exactly big, but the road to growth and better confidence is paved with little actions such as this.

2. Volunteer for a nonprofit.

NGO volunteers

Sometimes, the best way to regain your sense of self and improve your self-esteem is to take a break from your thoughts and go outside of yourself. Especially during a time like this when many people need assistance, you can choose to volunteer for a nonprofit organization whose values and projects speak to you.

If you have safety concerns with going out to physically volunteer, you can instead opt to take virtual opportunities to help out remotely. These opportunities help you see that you are capable of offering help, no matter where you may be. They also help you meet new people whose principles you can relate to.

Overall, volunteering is a potentially life-changing experience that provides a sense of fulfillment through the act of helping others.

3. Learn to cook a dish.

There is no pleasure quite like the pleasure of sitting down to enjoy a good meal. You can get even more satisfaction if that meal is made with your own hands. On your meal breaks or weekends, take a bit of time in the kitchen to make a dish that you can enjoy, either by yourself or a few people that you love.

mac and cheese

If you opt to cook a dish from your childhood, the smells help you remember pleasant memories of your younger years, too. But aside from being a stress reliever, cooking also lets you celebrate the work of your hands. When you keep up the habit, you notice your progress, too, which is in itself also a cause for celebration.

4. Follow a fitness program.

Getting up and getting active does not yield immediate results. More than the results, exercising itself is an activity that helps boost your mood and improve your energy. If you have been feeling a little lethargic lately, try to do a few exercises daily and gradually increase the length and difficulty of your routine.

Remember, though, that starting a fitness program is not meant to be a burden to you. Try activities that you find enjoyable. For example, some may prefer to do yoga for fitness, while others enjoy dancing more.

5. Attend a therapy session.

Lastly, but definitely not least, it greatly helps to process these self-confidence concerns with a health professional who can listen and provide helpful advice on managing your worries.

This is nothing to be ashamed of, too. Like you would visit the doctor when you have a cough or cold, consulting a therapist for mental health follows the same principle. You are doing this for your well-being.

As you continue to explore the ways to boost your self-confidence, remember that these things take time. Everyone struggles and copes differently, so focus on your progress and know that asking for help is okay.