Doing Well to Do Good: Picking a Volunteer Program

Changing the world may be a lofty and idealistic goal to achieve, and you cannot do it overnight. More so, you cannot do it on your own. If you want to help shape the world in a much better way, there is one thing that you can definitely do: volunteer. There are many organizations out there seeking to make the world a better place. These organizations have different focuses and areas, which you can choose from.

The first major mistake that a lot of aspiring volunteers make is picking work that comes their way first. However, you have to make choosing and filtering a priority. You just cannot pick a volunteer job because you want it. There must be a reason — a drive that will help make your work much more meaningful in a way. Those who go on gap years or professionals that are looking to make their vacations more momentous through volunteering have some pieces of advice for aspirants.

Below are some of the things that you should take into account when picking a volunteer work opportunity:

Ask what you can offer

You volunteer because not because the organization has something to offer — it is because you have something to offer. Look at your skills and look at the gaps in the organization. Your skills may be something that they are looking for. For one, if a legal group offering pro bono services is looking for a writer, and you are a good writer, that may be a good fit. Other than what you can offer, you should also ask yourself how long you are going to commit. That will help you set realistic expectations.

Pick a cause that is close to your heart

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You cannot easily work on something that your heart is not willing to work on. In this aspect, it pays that you pick a cause that is close to your heart. Take this one, for example: Some cancer survivors or those who have loved ones suffering from the disease are likely to do cancer volunteer work. If you are a visual artist, it makes sense that you will find it much easier to teach orphaned kids art.

Ask previous volunteers

You may already have a decision, but it also helps that you seek the advice of previous volunteers. You need to make sure that your expectations are realistic and grounded, and that is what you can do by talking to previous volunteers. Ask about their experience, their trials, and the way volunteering has changed them. The wisdom and knowledge they provide can help you prepare for the real deal.

Volunteering not only helps save the world or make it a better place. It even helps broaden your horizon. It gives you a fresh perspective on some of the prevailing issues. It lets you meet people who can make you understand a lot of things. It also helps you with the improvement of your professional record. In general, it can make you a better person.