Is Emancipation the Right Move for Me?

You are deemed a child or minor under a parent or guardian’s legal custody until you turn 18 years old, which is the age of majority in most states and considered as an adult. Emancipated minors and adults, however, don’t require the permission of their parents or guardians to obtain medical care, sign contracts, or do things that would require the permission of parents. If you are still considered a minor but truly think that you could manage your life better than your parent or legal guardian, you might be looking into getting emancipated. Do note though that the emancipation process isn’t as easy as you’re thinking and you should really think things through before you decide anything.

Should I Seek Emancipation?

Plenty of teenagers dream of living alone and being free to do whatever they want. In reality, however, daily adult responsibilities could be challenging even for some experienced adults. On the flip side, emancipation does come with specific advantages. You just need to weigh all the pros and cons carefully and make an honest evaluation of your needs and adult skills. So prior to pursuing emancipation, you should ask yourself if emancipation is the right move for you. When deciding, consider these:

  • You will need to purchase and cook your food.
  • You will have to pay for your medical care.
  • You will need to have your own place to live in, which you should pay for yourself.
  • You might be held liable financially and sued.
  • You will legally liable for the contracts your sign.
  • You still cannot purchase alcohol and vote.

What to Consider When Prepping Your Finances

young girl checking her financesIf you’re really intent on seeking emancipation, first, you have to show that you’re capable of supporting yourself financially. You will have to get a job so you’ll have a stable income source to support your needs. Likewise, you should start setting aside money for your monthly budget, taking into account your savings, housing costs, food, healthcare, car payments or commuting costs, and other bills. It’s also a great idea to open a checking and savings account with a trusted bank, perhaps a credit card, only if you know you can make comfortably it, so you can start building credit. In addition, you should also consider building an emergency fund, so you have the means to cover unexpected expenses such as hospital bills.

When Seeking Emancipation is a Good Idea

While each person will have unique circumstances, but emancipation might be a good idea if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • You have neglectful, abusive, or otherwise harmful parents.
  • You are financially independent.
  • You are legally married.
  • Your parents want to or have kicked you out of their house.
  • You are not comfortable with your parents’ living situation.

If you clearly understand how emancipation works and have considered everything very carefully, it’s time to discuss your case in Denver with an experienced family attorney. Emancipation could be an extremely touchy subject. However, for those with the means and valid reasons to emancipate themselves, emancipation is a viable option.