Treading the Tightrope of Moral Beliefs and Legality

The thing that separates humans from other creatures is how complex they can think. Animals live mainly to reproduce and survive. You, on the other hand, can choose to live your life however you want. There are no rules on producing offspring, although the majority of society seems to expect that. Your biological gender does not automatically define your identity. Most of all, there is a wide range of emotions that you can feel. The things that you will experience in your life will be totally different from the person next to you. There are also many fields of studies that deal with human aspects, like psychology. But there remains a lot of mystery surrounding the psyche.

Given the complexity of the human mind, it is expected for man-made laws to be extensive. It takes years for one to be qualified as a lawyer or a judge. There is a fine line between legality and morality that even the experts find it difficult to tread.

Walking the Tightrope

A person’s belief system will be shaped by their upbringing. As you reach adulthood, all the things that you learned between school and home environments will be embedded in your mind. The values that you eschew as you grow up will be defined by the culture that you are exposed to and the set of beliefs that run in your family. These are things that will influence how you treat other people and behave in public. While it is true that religions teach people what is right and wrong, the laws of man are made to set these within a collection of written rules and policies with their accompanying penalties. So if you have assigned a process-serving company to send out documents such as subpoenas and summons, they will be acting in accordance with the legal system.

There may be contradictions and overlaps between what you learned from your beliefs and what is dictated by the law. This is the fine line that everyone has to tread, whether they are upstanding citizens or public authorities. Respect and consideration have to be given to both sides as this is the best way to avoid escalating to conflicts.

Medical Issues

Medical science still has a long way to go when it comes to providing lasting cures for deadly diseases like cancer and AIDS. If you analyze the trajectory of its development throughout history, the holy grail would be extending the human lifespan as long as possible. But things are more complicated than that.

The topic of death is sensitive. There are many people who believe that it should come naturally. Those who have late-stage cancers are often recommended switching to palliative care, where curative treatment is dropped in favor of letting the patient try alternative methods and let them live as comfortable as they can with their remaining time. Euthanasia or assisted dying is thrown around in these situations. There are those who think that patients who have terminal illnesses should be able to choose how they leave this world instead of letting nature take its course, which could be a very painful experience. There are people opposed to this idea, but it has been legalized in countries like the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Marriages and Unions
couple fighting

There are differing views on marriage, and that depends on the sexual orientation of the person. Many religions recognize it as the union of man and woman, while others define it as a union of two people in love. It has been an ongoing conversation in society and one in which changes have been seen in recent times.

Marriages and unions are different things. The former is known for its ceremonial attributes, while a civil union is accomplished just through a legal process. When it comes to same-sex unions, various countries recognize one or the other. Examples of countries that have laws supporting same-sex marriages include Australia, Taiwan, and Germany. Those that have laws for same-sex unions include Chile, Greece, and Hungary.

Life Choices

Some people have reasons to make significant choices in their lives. One such example is changing their name. Converting to another religion is reason enough to do it. You can also do so if you want to avoid people who harass you, or if you want a more pleasant-sounding name.

Then there are choices that are literally life-changing, like those who choose to change their genders. It is an extensive process. Not only is the medical procedure complex and risky, but the person should also undergo a battery of psychological tests before they are given the clearance to go ahead with it. While you can be free to do all of this, it could be in conflict with other beliefs. Discrimination is possible, and there are already discussions to have laws that protect people from this.

Human nature has complexities that people may take forever to figure out. That is why it is tricky to balance the laws of the land with one’s beliefs. But in general, as long as you know how to treat others well, you will be in favor of both and at the same time, you are making the world a better place.