Untapped Potential: Why Female Leadership Is Necessary

Female entrepreneurs and leaders can significantly impact different industries and sectors. The world continues to strive towards building modern societies that radiate inclusivity and equality. People, regardless of their preconceived societal limitations, continue to break the barriers that have been in place for years.

This has been one of the biggest struggles we have had to face throughout history. The biggest and most significant strides have only been taken in recent years. In reality, these changes have long been overdue. Fortunately, there are those brave enough to challenge established practices in hopes of creating a fairer world for all.

Gender, for the most part, used to be a crucial determinant of the roles people should play. Men were always believed to serve as leaders, whether in the house or a business. Women, on the other hand, were often tasked to handle smaller responsibilities. This old-fashioned mindset has already been shattered, and there have been countless women who’ve paved the path for everyone.

Eliminating Barriers

Women have been reshaping “male-dominated” industries for years. Now, they can enter any profession they want to without fear of being judged simply because of their gender. Entrepreneurship and leadership, in particular, are fields that females have successfully made into their own space. Yet, certain challenges still remain.

This could be in the form of a small business for improving their community, like owning a landscaping franchise, to bigger and more demanding roles, like becoming an executive of a major company. Regardless of the scope, every female entrepreneur serves as a reminder that the world is heading towards a better place.

More than this, other women can easily connect and interact with top female entrepreneurs thanks to the convenience that modern technology provides. Whether it’s from their personal website, podcasts, or social media accounts, female entrepreneurs can be accessible for other women aspiring to enter into a significant leadership role.


The Relevance of Female Leadership

Eliminating the gender gap entirely, in every industry, has always been the goal of equality. Generally, a woman’s mindset can bring a lot of benefits to the workplace. Their increased productivity, creativity, communication skills, and even intuition all serve to create a safer, more balanced environment.

Despite the growing number of strong female entrepreneurs in various industries, the world needs more of them. Leadership knows no gender but the struggles for women still persist. Women are just as competent and capable of handling bigger responsibilities. Here’s why there should be more females taking up leadership roles.

Power of an Icon

Representation is extremely important for any marginalized community. It can reshape the general society’s perspective on a particular group of people. More than that, it can significantly influence how those in the margins see themselves.

Every woman who is in a position of power stands as an inspiration for all the younger girls. Becoming an example for an entire generation is necessary for cultivating the final goal of creating an inclusive and equal world. There is a certain sense of empowerment in allowing them to see themselves in leadership roles with their own eyes.

Achieving Equality Through Equity

There is a stark difference between the words “equality” and “equity”. Equality amounts to providing everyone with the same resources. Equity, on the other hand, is the distribution of resources based on need. It’s one thing to achieve equality on its own, and entirely another when it’s obtained through equity.

When aiming to create a world that is genuinely fair, modern society should strive to adopt the latter. While there are plenty of equal opportunities between men and women to take up leadership positions, there are deeper systemic issues, like racism and sexism, that factor into the conversation.

It’s been observed that female entrepreneurs are less likely to seek and receive funding for their business ventures. On top of this, family ties and emotional labor can pose obstacles towards female entrepreneurship. Fairness entails more than just equal access. It’s reshaping entire systems to take these issues into consideration.

More to Gain from Women in Power

The impacts of female leadership are evident across most, if not all fields. This is one hard fact that is impossible to ignore when it comes to putting women in positions of power. Generally, companies that have leadership teams that are diverse and inclusive are more innovative and financially successful.

Putting the current global pandemic into perspective, it’s been observed that countries led by women were more successful in handling the crisis compared to those with men in power. Women, ultimately, make better leaders than men.

Tomorrow’s Women

In the end, there is still a long way to go before the world is completely dominated by equality and inclusivity. However, these massive strides that female leaders have made, and continue to make, are essential in leading everyone towards that goal. Female leadership is not only preferable, but it’s also extremely necessary for realizing a better tomorrow.