Identifying Domestic Abuse and How to Stop It

Abuse and manipulation are just some of the many unheard problems that a lot of people face. There have been some appalling cases of men and women experiencing domestic violence and abuse. These cases can range from mild to severe, but it all ends with traumatizing damage. These kinds of situations are also not limited to inside the home. Cases of extortion, blackmail, and grave threats are often left unheard by authorities. This is mostly due to the unwillingness of the victim to report the crime out of fear. If you feel like you are in or heading towards any of these situations, it’s best to get out early before it gets worse.

Manipulation by Relatives

Manipulation comes in many forms. It can come under the guise of a sibling or relative asking for help. Initially, it’s an innocent plea for a few bucks to pay for rent. However, it can escalate to weekly or even daily requests for cash. These types of people will guilt you into giving them what they want. Oftentimes, they appeal to your good nature or your connection with them as family.

They will continue to take money from you, and you feel like you can’t refuse because they are family. When you do try to refuse, they will apply more guilt or resort to violence and threats. When it gets to this point, people will usually not hesitate to call the police. But what if this person is your son or daughter?

Being Mistreated by Your Child

Understandably, it is difficult to refuse your own child. As a parent, you feel obligated to provide your child with what they need. If they need money, you give it to them. But at what point does it become too much? If your kid shows no signs of stopping their requests for money and hasn’t made any attempt to pay you back, that’s the sign that you should stop. If they resort to anger tantrums and violence, do not hesitate to call the police. It can be devastating to see your child getting arrested, but it will ultimately be a lesson they need to stop their abusive behavior.

abusive relationship

Abuse by Your Partner

Money isn’t the only focus of manipulation. There are cases of husbands and wives using emotional manipulation to exploit their partners. These cases often lead to severe physical and psychological damage. The exploited individuals hesitate to get help due to fear of what their partner might do to them. Abused people who do want to get help often find it difficult to do so.

The reason being the control their abusive partner has over their actions. Everything that they do is constantly monitored, leaving no opportunities to ask for help. Under such a situation, there are creative methods you can use to get help. One such method is calling 911 to order food to ask for help subtly.

Another way would be to go to a hospital to report abuse. If you are in this situation, you need to understand that abuse in a relationship is not normal. Get away from your abuser and seek help. You don’t have to be afraid of them doing something to you if they are locked up in prison.

What You Should do

If you are experiencing these situations, cut all contact with them immediately. You don’t have to endure their abuse just because they are related to you by blood. They squandered the concept of family the moment they took advantage of you. In all the earlier scenarios, seriously consider getting legal help. Get a lawyer to help put out a restraining order against abusive relatives.

In domestic abuse cases, seeking help is always the first step. File a report to the police to put an end to the mistreatment you’re experiencing. You can try the methods mentioned earlier if you are unable to personally go to the police. There are other ways to reach authorities through hotlines or websites. If your spouse tries to appeal to your good nature, think back to all the things you endured. You can cut all ties completely. Get the services of divorce attorneys who will readily assist you in this regard.

Abuse and manipulation are serious issues that can lead to deadly results. If you or someone you know are experiencing mistreatment or exploitation, find the courage to reach out before it’s too late. I hope the mentioned cases can help you identify if you are being abused or taken advantage of. Learn to say enough is enough and break free from their abusive grip.