Ways to Drive More Customers to Your Property

Commercial property owners might find it difficult to gain tenants if they don’t have the foot traffic that makes a property desirable. So, as a property owner, it is still necessary to do more than just the bare minimum and find a way to increase your foot traffic.

This may be difficult, but with a few investments on your property, you can turn your commercial center into a place that many businesses will want to rent commercial space in. Here are four suggestions to drive more foot traffic and help your tenants gain more customers.

Invest in Commercial Landscaping

Investing in tasteful commercial landscaping can provide many opportunities for improvement and a better chance of attracting foot traffic. A few benefits of commercial landscaping include:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping.

    Business trends show that more and more customers are becoming aware of the environmental and sustainability issues many businesses face. As such, customers are more likely to patronize a business that offers eco-friendly and sustainable measures to their operations, including setting up their business in a commercial center that has green spaces.

  • Increased property value.

    Commercial locations with landscaping stand out against competitors that do not invest in making their business center more attractive. This means that both tenants and customers are more likely to notice landscaped commercial centers rather than predominantly industrial centers.


Add Parking Lot Signs

One reason customers may not be keen on visiting your commercial center is that they do not know about the stores that are in your center. If feasible, add a sign near your entrance showing all the stores that are in your center. This allows them to find a related business they’re looking for and drive customers to your center.

And don’t just stop with shop signs at the front. Light pole signs offer advertising opportunities for your tenants or the opportunity to attract customers based on certain events like a holiday or during months when sales are popularly held. This doesn’t necessarily have to sell a product, but let potential customers see what your commercial center has to offer.

Build an Online Presence

With a huge chunk of your target audience online, having an online presence for your commercial center can ensure that more customers recognize your center and the businesses located there. Thus, it is important to use the internet to your advantage.

Build a website that has everything they need to locate you and the products and services your business offers. Establish social media platforms that highlight your commercial property as well as what it has to offer. Most likely, your tenants’ businesses are doing their own social media marketing. Teaming up and using social media together to promote their businesses will ultimately benefit your property in the long run.

Find Areas for Improvement in Ratings and Reviews

Many businesses tend to bring forward good reviews and ignore bad reviews. But the problem with this is that your consumers will eventually find these bad reviews, and around 8 percent of users trust online reviews as a personal recommendation.

So, when someone has something negative to say about your commercial property, it could be what is dissuading would-be customers from visiting your property – in turn hurting your tenants as well, leading to a poor reputation of doing business in your property. Address both negative and positive reviews and take the time to address and assess what you can do to improve from constructive feedback.

By taking the time to address and improve your commercial property, you are promoting old customers to return while also impressing potential customers expecting to see better results.

It is essential for commercial property owners to take steps and make their property a space where their tenants can expect high foot traffic and a higher chance of sales. These are just a few examples of what can be done to improve your property.