How to Retain Your Child’s Learning

Your child can be the most excited student this summer. He or she gets to rest, play, and have fun. You might be happy for your child, but along with the summer comes an anomaly that U.S. educators and families have been trying to address: knowledge loss over the three-month break. With that in mind, instead of letting your child be idle, you can bring him or her to a summer learning program to keep his or her mind active.

Studies About Knowledge Loss

Researchers in 1996 studied knowledge loss over breaks. They found that children lose around a month of learning during summer breaks. From there, various studies have tried to replicate the same data but have turned up with varying results. Thus, scientists today continue to study why this loss of learning happens.

Testimonies on Personal Student Behavior

Teachers and educators, on the other hand, know their students on a personal level. They say that the loss is real but children experience them in different ways. Children tend to lose learning in areas where they have been struggling already. For example, a child unlearns math lessons that he or she has struggled to learn in school.

The Disadvantages of Unlearning

With such a loss over the break, you get children who have been left behind in learning, while the standard for the next education level has increased. This gap then forces children who have lost learning to catch up to their peers who are more adjusted, leading to more stress and struggles for the former group.

Two Solutions

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Your child can experience the same loss of learning during this school break, but you can stop it. Fortunately, you have two solutions that can help your child exercise his or her mind. You can enroll your child in a summer learning program. Subsequently, you can keep your child engaged at home with the help of home tuition agency in Singapore.

A summer learning program can be perfect for your child to retain academic knowledge. Some academies can introduce your child to the fields of science, art, and math. With such a program, your child can be on par with his or her classmates during the next school year.

Family Activities for Application

Education courses can already help immensely in stemming the tide of learning loss. Also, you can improve your child’s learning at home. Do activities and have fun. Reflection can develop the critical thinking skills of your child, making him or her connect academic lessons with real-world things.

Ask Questions

You can go to theme parks, amusement parks, or simple parks. When your child’s attention is caught by something, you can ask him or her questions such as, “What are you looking at?” and “How do you think that works?” Alternatively, you can travel and ask the same questions. You can even let them compute your finances during the travel.

With an education course and reflective family activities, your child will be ready for the next school year, and you can be assured that he or she will do splendidly.