How the Internet Becomes a Tool for Modern Education

The universities are known for being the vessels of knowledge and wisdom. Thanks to these institutions, we are slowly getting closer to unlocking the full potential of humanity. Universities are where knowledge is cultivated and put forth for man’s greater use. Through the benevolent teachers and academics dedicating their lives to the advancement of the youth, we learn more about the greatest questions mankind has pondered over for millennia.

The oldest university has existed for almost a thousand years. It is the pride and joy of the academe to be considered themselves as the great repository of knowledge in their country. However, it is slowly becoming the reality that the internet is considered the repository of knowledge and non-useful information of people around the world. Thanks to the nature of the internet, it is becoming the collective tool everybody uses for information gathering.

While it is true that the other side of the internet is almost all useless information and random factoids, in a lot of ways, it has already become the ultimate library of the world. With the convenience it brings, there is no doubt in everyone’s minds that the internet is a legitimate source of information when searched correctly.

The internet has become the most important tool of the second decade after the turn of the millennia. Thanks to COVID-19, almost all students have moved to a from-home setting. Classes are now taught through virtual means. Even the handouts and resource materials can now be distributed through various means on the internet.

The internet is carrying a lot of ethical problems regarding its use. Countless problems are surrounding the internet. Topics such as privacy, free speech, and predatory behaviors are only a few of the issues plaguing it. Even the entire premise of using the internet as the baseline for universities is becoming an issue. To get higher education amidst the pandemic, everyone is banking on online classes to work. While it was irrelevant at first, the perception regarding virtual classes is becoming a point of concern. Internet use for school is a long-standing issue or “war” between traditional and closed-minded folks. Internet use is a hump that the entire academic body hopes to get over.

How is the internet becoming a tool for modern educational institutions?

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing resources has never been easier. By using the modern tools of Microsoft 365 Sharepoint’s Cloud, students have an easier and more convenient way to gather all the necessary materials needed for their classes.

While traditionally, the professors would expect that you can improvise regarding your needs, the magic of the cloud allows us now to easily access whatever we may require. We need not even worry about paying for hard copies of books. Various websites offer the option for students to acquire soft copies of books for free. For any struggling student, this option is a godsend.


Life Skills Avenue

Online enrichment schools are becoming so popular for those who are pursuing other skills in life. It is a common claim that boomers have not taught millennials about basic life skills. Although this does not apply to everyone, this claim feels true for the millions who feel neglected. Life skills being offered online are quick to fill up with students whenever offered. Life skills are important to survive in this harsh world. The lack of such often contributes to the despair most people are feeling.

Research Made Easy

Since most of the journals and academic papers are already uploaded online, researching became easy. In this age full of misinformation and fake news, published papers can easily be acquired from the internet to be used as reliable sources. Researching is the main tool we use to find knowledge and acquire enough information about various topics.

Thanks to research, we are slowly moving the entire collective human knowledge forward. Most of the best human technological advancements have come from research conducted by mere academicians. Imagine giving everyone the same access to the cumulative information of people who came before you.

Thanks to the Internet, we have digital tools and access to advance humanity and its base of knowledge. It is a wise move that education is beginning to get integrated with the Internet. Learning for everyone should not stop with traditional means. The mix of both this landscape and education might be met with some opposition because of conflicting opinions. However, if guided properly, the internet and educational institutions can be a long-lasting and happy relationship of human ingenuity.