Picking Event Speakers: Scrutinizing Their Appropriateness for the Event

When planning an event, the venue, food, and speakers form part of the essential components. The speakers make it memorable, and they are likely to impact on the audience. Picking the right one can boost the sale of tickets, but that is not all there is for them to offer. They should add value to your event and the audience, too. To achieve this, consider the following factors when choosing a speaker:

Purpose of the Event

Once you define the aim of the occasion, it becomes clear what you expect from the speaker. This will then help you in identifying your compatibility with different associates. The speaker should align with the purpose easily so that they can connect effortlessly with your audience. Effective sports guest speakers will fit in well as keynote speakers in an endurance-building boot camp, while a celebrity artist may not. In considering the purpose, consider your audience, too. Bear their style and personality in mind, and whether they align with those of the guest.


An industry player is knowledgeable in their area of specialization and will offer in-depth insights into it, tailoring it to suit your audience. They are aware of emerging trends, professional practices, and practical techniques within the industry. An individual who focuses on personal growth and career progression will reinforce general themes.

Experience allows speakers to develop strategies that ensure that they identify with the audience. Where their initial plan doesn’t work, they will change their tactics and maneuver through their session without a fuss. Try watching their previous presentations and checking their online reviews to see how well they fit in.

Available Resources

As an event planner, you want to work hand in hand with your client so that you do not overstep their budget. Since you will engage experts in your field of interest, you ought to compensate them accordingly. Various speakers will charge differently. Find out what the going rates for your pick are and see if you can stretch your budget to their length. Even the same person may have a varying budget depending on the time and other associated responsibilities for their appearance. The speakers may also have other requirements for the engagement other than the pay. Find out if the available resources match the financial and professional demands of your speaker before approaching them.

Planning Logistics

public speaking

Speakers from a long distance tend to have more complications than local ones. They are also likely to cost you more. Consider the flight bookings, accommodation, and event schedule. Including the feasibility of the whole arrangement and how far they will stretch your involvement is crucial. If your audience can identify well with a local guest and the speaker fits well in the purpose of the event, opt for them. It will make the planning more manageable, and you can get them involved in the pre-event activities.

A successful event takes detailed planning. Your speakers attract an audience, keep them engaged, and help drive in the theme of the event. When they carry out their role appropriately, they inspire, motivate, and probably offer new ideas for a positive change to the audience. Scrutinize your choices prior to picking one so that you don’t use your resources in vain.