Practical Ways to Save Money on Laser Cutting Projects

Fight HatredWith the current advancement in technology, laser cutting processes have become easier and more efficient. However, this does not mean that you cannot take measures to save even more money. This article highlights a couple of strategies to employ to save money on laser cutting costs.

Make a Prototype

Most people attempt to cut different designs without using a prototype. Others do not confirm their design files prior to cutting. This is usually a big mistake because if your design file has errors, you will end up wasting materials. It is advisable to print your prototype on paper prior to cutting. This is because identifying mistakes on a printed out product design is easier. If you notice any mistakes, it is advisable to keep up printing paper prototypes until you get everything right. Be careful of double lines. With double lines, the cutter will be cutting the same line multiple times, which will cost more.

Invest in the Right Type of Cutter

With numerous types and brands of laser cutters out there, finding the right laser cutter and etcher can be a challenge. You need a device that comes with the right features and operates at optimal efficiency for long. If you plan to cut a variety of materials, choose a cutter that can handle all of them comfortably.

Choose the Right Type of Material

You should be careful to choose the right type of material. Whether you would be using wooden sheets or metal, you should know that lasers cut different types of materials at different rates. Generally, thinner sheet materials are easier to cut through with a laser machine. The longer your laser machines takes to cut through a material, the higher the costs. Whatever you do, do not choose poor-quality materials aiming to save on cutting costs.

Simplify Details

Precise cutting using an industrial laser

While details make a product stand out, intricate designs will only increase laser cutting and engraving costs. You should know that every movement your cutter makes costs money. Whether the details are small or not, too many of them will take longer to trace, which will increase costs. If possible, opt for straight lines as compared to circles. Understand that materials that are close together take shorter to cut.

Start Small

It is advisable to start small, whether you are a seasoned maker or not. This is because different materials react differently to laser cutter heat. Starting small helps you know what to expect to avoid wasting materials. If you are cutting cardboard, for instance, you should understand that too much detail might result in the material catching fire. Consider checking out a material catalog before starting any project. Be careful to test materials prior to placing a large order. While returning them is still an option, buying the wrong materials would mean wastage of time and money.

While there is always a first time for everything, learning on the job exposes you to losses. If possible, you should undergo training prior to attempting anything. Training also ensures that you do not damage your laser cutting machine.