Ways to Deal with the Pain of Having an Elderly Loved One with Dementia

Of course, it is painful to see your elderly loved one deal with dementia. It would definitely bring you sorrow to see your elderly parent or grandparent lose the fond memories that they have had with you. It is not the end of the world if you have an elderly loved one with dementia. You should still be able to nurture fruitful moments with your elderly loved one even if they have dementia. Below are some productive ways you can deal with your elderly loved one with dementia:

Be positive when it comes to communicating with your loved one

People with dementia also need to be treated lovingly and respectfully. When communicating to your loved one with dementia, use a soft and pleasant tone. Do not yell or raise your voice. Doing so may upset them. If possible, use loving bodily gestures such as affectionate touches to convey your love and care to your elderly loved one with dementia.

Always make sure that you have your loved one’s attention when communicating with them

People with dementia are easily distracted by striking loud noises and vivid images. As such, it is crucial that you have the complete attention of your loved one when you are communicating with them. Not having their complete attention will likely have your loved one miss the information that you have just communicated. If you are not able to successfully communicate with your loved one, elder care providers should assist you in communicating successfully to them. It may even be more effective if you grab one of those elder care franchise opportunities.

Be clear and specific when communicating with your loved one

People with dementia do not have sharp minds. If you use vague and complex words when speaking to them, you will only confuse them. Use simple words and be direct to the point.

Make sure to always take care of yourself, too

If you do not care for yourself properly, you will be unable to care for your loved one with dementia. Get enough sleep and eat right daily to make sure you are always healthy and strong. If you are always physically fit, then you will always be capable of caring for your loved one.

Consider respite care as an alternative

Photo of elderly woman with her caregiver

If you become too busy to care for your loved one with dementia on your own, you may want to consider respite care. You may leave your loved one in a respite care center for the day then take them home at the end of the day. The people in the respite care center shall take care of your loved one while you are out working during the day.

You do not have to despair if you have a loved one with dementia. Dementia is a common disorder for people who are aging. Any elderly person is at risk of having this disorder. Look for ways to care for your elderly loved one with dementia. By doing so, you make life easy and meaningful for both of you.